O Gauge – Permanent Layout

The ‘O’ gauge layout is the largest layout and runs a complete circuit around the perimeter of the building. The committee has approved the reconstruction of this layout to provide a new layout capable of providing service for many years.

The old ‘O’ gauge layout ran 4 tracks around the clubhouse. It is currently being rebuilt, and will still have 4 tracks (with 25m of track each), a branch line and multiple stations. 2 of these tracks will be connected to the branch line and the stations, and the other 2 tracks will be running / testing circuits with passing loops. Additionally, running / testing loops in N and OO will be added (2 tracks of each gauge), as well as one loop of TT. All gauges will have the ability to switch between DC and DCC running.

The old layout had four DC mainline running tracks, two of which could be switched to run on DCC, as well as a single DC operating branch line, which was used for shunting.

The scenic sections will be reused on the new layout.

Below are some pictures that represent the old layout and what is currently being worked on.