Coleware – Exhibition Layout

Coleware is our main OO layout. When it is not out at an exhibition, it is set up within our club. Since its arrival at the club, we have worked tirelessly to further develop the layout. We’ve tried our best to make it useable for all users. At the moment, we are completing modifications to the track in preparation for continuing with scenery and future exhibitions.

The layout is capable of supporting both conventional DC running, and also DCC, with plans to make it possible to run both systems on different parts of the layout at the same time.The main features of our layout are 2 continuous running lines, a 3-platform station, shunting sidings, an engine shed with turntable, a branch/freight line, and an extensive fiddle-yard that can hold a large amount of stock.

The layout is based on the design of the Great Central Railway, on the edge of a major town and coal marshalling yard. However on a club night it isn’t uncommon to see a couple of A1X Brighton terriers shunting in the yard whilst German steam engines pass alongside London Underground stock and West Coast Mainline trains.  

At exhibitions, we aim to focus on the late steam era and running to entertain the public and ourselves. At the club, we are open to all kinds of stock being run. Should you ever wish to visit, feel free to bring along any kind of stock you would like to run.